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For a few days, I searched different concepts about "human trafficking". There are a number of definitions but it is generally a behavior that works in many ways to get people from one place to another to make a profit. Trafficking in persons is one of the least known transnational crimes, potentially widespread and highly profitable.

The fact that the Vietnamese bride was abused by her Korean husband in South Jeolla Province, South Korea made many people angry. The solemn apologies and the subsequent "strict handling" promise appear to be just a means of communication addressing the issue. The situation of violence in Vietnamese-Korean marriage is not a single phenomenon of an exposed husband.

Solving the problem does not lie with the strict handling or the seriousness of a husband hitting his wife. Such marriages are more likely to be violent. Many of them are formed by the mechanism of sale and purchase, the absence of love and, in the first place, serious inequality because of human affection has been commercialized.

Such commercialization is created by the motive of both supply and demand sides. In order to improve the population decline situation because Korean men cannot get married, the government has many policies for men. Dozens of localities in South Korea cover the costs of men getting married, buying air tickets, renting accommodation and paying brokerage fees when going abroad to find wives. South Gyeongsang Province provides a bachelor's allowance of 10 million Won if he gets a foreign wife to "promote the province's agriculture".

In Vietnam, marriage brokerage is considered illegal, but the influx of brides abroad has continued to flow for decades. Meanwhile, authorities have never been able to answer, how many of these marriages have passed through brokers.

Two years ago, during a field trip to the West, I met dozens of girls who married Korean people. They are visiting home or have fled from their husband's hometown. Including Tran Thanh Lan, the girl with a very gentle face to her mother in the shape of ash ashes after only 26 days of bride in Korea. In the diary my mother gave me, the girl wrote about the beatings and panic attacks in a foreign country, before jumping from the 17th floor of her husband's apartment to the ground.

I also met hundreds of girls who are learning Korean quickly in Can Tho City to continue this special flow of migration. A common reason for pushing them onto a "married Korean" boat is an "acquaintance".

That "acquaintance", whose aunt called her grandmother, whose aunt said it was an acquaintance of an acquaintance in the city, an acquaintance of neighbors' relatives ... but it was those who came to meet her, see her face and face, ask for information about her age, family background and persuade her to see the faces of older Korean husbands. The prospect of "acquaintances" drawn with young girls and their parents is the same.

"My grandmother said that the Korean husband has a very high salary, 50 to 100 million VND each month. They will take me to keep. The family is very rich, my parents-in-law are fond of everything they buy for all when they want to come back to Vietnam." visit their parents to let me know "- Bich told. She had just escaped from the home of her husband, Li, a factory worker in kimchi, on a snowy night. She couldn't even remember the name of that countryside. Bich was depressed for a long time because she was afraid of times when her husband strangled and fainted in the bedroom and sexual violence.

Dozens of girls said that immediately after the wedding, they could not call her. "Ten years old, when we first came to Saigon, we didn't know anything. Vietnamese women were so cheap, married with bad luck than buying lottery tickets."

Although I did not want to, but I could not resist the thought for months, that acquaintances, maids lurking throughout the Vietnamese countryside, hunting for girls under 20 to seduce and introduce them to get married Han, very close to the human trafficking clues.

Bich said, in South Korea, everywhere, there are ads from marriage agencies with the message: the fee for a successful marriage is only 10 million won (nearly 10 thousand USD, this amount is mostly due to payment by the government); "guaranteed to find a perfect Asian wife", "virgin and not running away". According to the Korean newspaper, there are currently about 1,250 marriage brokers arranging thousands of weddings each year between Korean men and foreign women. Vietnamese brides make up 73% of all marriages involving foreign elements. The groom is an average of 18 years older than his wife, they only take an average of 3.9 days to know the face and fiancee.

One side encouraged men to find foreign wives with money, to be frank, to buy. One side does not control the sophisticated activities crept around the village of "marriage storks", looking for goods to sell.

I met Nguyen Mai H, a 19-year-old Kien Giang girl showing off her "newly married" brother, Kim Jung Si, 42 years old thanks to the "acquaintance" introduced. She is taking intensive Korean class for one month. "I will live with my husband in Nanching province" - "Do you know where it is?" - "I don't. I only know my husband as a salesman for the company, what business I don't know".

The girl had a beautiful face, long blonde hair dyed in Korean style, with sparkling stone nails stroking the phone screen showing off her wedding photos. The one-eyed man, wrinkles were lurking on the ends of his eyes, wearing a sleeveless shirt standing next to the young bride in a pink dress. They do not touch each other. Her hand held the wedding bouquet with fabric. Groom hands pocket pants. Her husband has been to Vietnam twice, including the wedding.

"In that province, they like Vietnamese girls very much. That acquaintance said that when I got married, I was very happy at first, so I introduced it to you."

To strengthen the Korean-Vietnamese international marriage must firstly ensure that women are only a profitable commodity for intermediaries. While we wait for Korea to adjust its policies on foreign brides, we must protect our own citizens by ending speedy marriages.

I hope there are no more mothers who have to repeat themselves like Mrs. Kim Anh and Lan's mother: "My child is dead, I can't do anything anymore, if only he could not go, there would be a mother with children, miserable." whatever. "

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