I miss the autumn nights of Hanoi 30 years ago, in the chilly weather, I used to walk along Nguyen Du Street, then round up Quang Trung Street, to enjoy the romance of the natural fragrance. sprinkle on the air.

That day there were only a few milk flower plants in Hanoi. September milk flowers start to bloom, very fragrant flowers in October, late bloom then through mid-November. On the background of the blue autumn sky dividing, printed tiny white flowers, flowers waiting for pigs to blow, wings fall into dust particles, flowers sprinkled onto the road makes anyone passing through feel hangover.

For many years, I realized that staying under the canopy of milk flowers is the dream of many people, the nostalgia of those who have traveled far from the capital, the smiles or the hands of young couples who are immersed. fall in love with each other.

Tall milk-flower tree, elegant straight, with no leafy season, so it keeps a strange green all year round. The branching of leaves and flowers not only makes the tree look beautiful, but also forms large and small clusters like specially attractive curls.

Not only bringing natural beauty, milk flowers are also known as a precious medicine, producing many important medicines.

In traditional medicine, many parts of the milk flower plant (such as roots, bark, sap, leaves, seeds) are used to treat intestinal diseases, fever, malaria, epilepsy, otitis media, asthma. , pimples and skin diseases. There are folk remedies made from milk flower plants, which can be treated by women and treated with a lot of vaginal discharge, while men who take in medicines can overcome the physiological weakness. Recently, milk flowers are being applied by scientists to apply cancer treatment, with initial positive results.

Milk flower with good quality, used to make household items, but especially valuable when making high-grade white paper for students and making blackboards, so milk flower has another name. is a blackboard tree.

Milkweed has another very valuable characteristic, which is its high sensitivity to environmental pollution, thanks to its ability to absorb toxins quickly in the air, in the soil and in water. Therefore, environmentalists have used milk flowers to evaluate pollution indicators.

Normally, green milk flower leaves are thick, thick and smooth. When there are dust particles, heavy metal particles, chemical particles suspended in the air, milk flower leaves will quickly absorb, toxins transport through veins under the chlorophyll layer, gradually accumulating into traces. papules like warts.

The scientists only need to peel the warts on the leaves, quantify and quantify each poison, or simply count the number of warts and the size of the warts, to be able to know the level of environment being polluted. .

With each of those characteristics, milk flowers can blindly fascinate anyone. In recent years, Hanoi has experienced rapid urban growth, with pressure on greening new neighborhoods, requiring a short period of time to plant trees in large numbers. Milk flower is one of the fastest growing, cheapest, tall and shady, romantic aromatic flowers that go into poetry; Therefore, growers were fascinated by the milk flower and forgot that pollen is very dangerous to human health.

Thirty years ago, there were only a few trees in Hanoi on Nguyen Du street, the romantic and attractive milk flower season only came in the last 2 months of autumn, so milk flower lovers will have to wait for next year's flower season. return.

But in recent years, milk flower has lost its beauty because Hanoi has planted too much, flowers started to bloom in May, which has really caused health risks to the capital's people.

The scent of milk flowers is essentially volatile organic substances, including 34 identified chemical components, but mainly aromatic substances such as linalool (35.7%), cis- and trans-linalool. oxides (14.7%), α-terpineol (12.3%), 2-phenylethyl acetate (6.3%), terpinen-4-ol (5.6%).

During heat waves, 34 of those chemicals, along with the product of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), are discharged from cars and motorcycles, creating heavy air pollution. Air pollution is due to the smell of the milky flower, which is a green paradox, but that's true, when the city is clogged with toxic fumes and dust particles mixed with the scent of milk flower.

At night, the scent of milk flower with NOx makes the air become thick, stifling feeling is difficult to breathe, even the healthiest people can not stand and lose sleep.

NOx causes respiratory disease and heart attack, with the scent of milk flowers, patients will become worse. 34 aromatic compounds of milk flower are extremely dangerous allergens, becoming fear for people with a history of allergy, asthma, chronic lung disease, allergic conjunctivitis.

And yet, in the winter and spring, the milk flower has 2 hairs on both ends, fluff falls in the air, a person with a history of asthma or lung disease when inhaled, the disease may recur and aggravation. important.

Take action so the milky flowers don't bother the city dwellers. The patience of the people with the milky flower has expired. From the social networking forums to the parliament of the People's Council meetings, the people reflected that the milk flower stinks too much, so that Hanoi has to find a solution. Starting with the decision to move 96 milkflowers from Tay Ho to Nam Son landfill.

I agree that in addition to the Nam Son landfill, in addition to the thorough disposal of rubbish, a green belt is needed, that is, those trees that have the ability to absorb outstanding pollutants, such as mango or banyan trees .

Milk flower is an extremely good pollutant, has the advantage of reducing odor thanks to 34 aromatic compounds, if grown in densely populated areas, it will not cause air pollution effects because The smell of pollen.

But milk flower With seed characteristics is difficult to collect, because the fruit blooms while still on the tree, fresh seeds have a very high germination rate to nearly 100%, each kilogram of milk flower seeds have about 357,000 seeds; That's what worries me. Milk flower seeds are easy to spread away thanks to the hairs, proliferate very quickly, so milk flower needs strict control to ensure that milk flower seeds are not widely distributed.

The Nam Son garbage doctor is wide and empty, does planting milk flowers risk spreading large numbers of seeds to the surrounding environment? The vegetation, including vast protective forests around Soc Son, will "deal" with the new plant. I could not answer that question. I just know that growing milk flowers was once wrong because of willpower - not carefully studying the scientific aspects of the plant. Do not correct the wrong by single-minded wills.

The movement of milk flowers to Nam Son landfill must be very careful, cannot be implemented in a superficial and simple way; I applaud the enthusiasm and aggressiveness of the city government, but that is not enough, but the involvement of scientists is required in a truly scientific way. In the meantime, in other densely populated streets, the city may implement a temporary solution, which is to prune branches just before the flowering season.

Tran Van Phuc